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About Find Memories

David Walmsley is the founder and general manager of Find Memories. After a successful career as a silicon valley software executive, David started HandyPerson Services in San Mateo in 2001. HandyPerson Services specializes in one-on-one home and business repair, remodelling and infrastructure upgrades.

A year ago, several of David's customers asked for assistance in upgrading their personal home media such as video tapes, slides and photographs to digital form so they could share these memories with friends and family. David took up the challenge by founding Find Memories and has successfully performed extensive media conversion services for his customers.

Today, Find Memories assists customers by first getting their material organized by classifying and deciding what should be converted and how it should be presented. This approach allows the media presentation to be flexible and extendable so that changes can be made by the customer and additions of new material can be made.

Priceless customer old media is safeguarded during the conversion process and is returned organized and intact to the customer at the time of new media delivery.

Optional services such as multimedia slide shows from photographs, 35mm slides and video tapes can be utilized. Additional copies of new media can be created at any time for a modest fee.

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